A Walk In The Park…

(Featuring designs by OrsiniRed, Luck Inc., Magika, and many others.  OrsiniRed Dress is special for Fashion For Life, 2013.)
As I looked for a place to take pictures of this outfit (admittedly, I’d been looking around for appropriate places for the better part of 3 days), I ended up in this little park.  I pretty much told myself that I would find a good place to take pictures here, regardless, as I was sick of looking.  First, I found this awesome looking statue (featured above) and around it, almost with the statue at the head, were these little mushroom seats with all different kinds of sits in them.  The pose I captured is actually an animation that plays when you sit on the mushroom I’m on.  I’ll definitely have to go back and let you all know who made this awesome little seat set.
But anyway… I continued walking and decided that a bench was as good a place as any to take a few more photos, though I realized while editing these photos that I look pretty pathetic having a conversation with myself.  Haha!  Note to self: drag people along for next blog.
(Talk to myself much?)
(I look so sad!)
The bench was pretty awesome, and the tree behind it was probably one of the most frustrating and amazing things that I’ve photographed in awhile, so it made the post-process portion of this blog pretty fun.  Of course, just when I thought I was done taking photos, I found the water.  And because I am forever mentally five years old, what did I do?  I ran right into the water for a photo, clothing and all!
(Cheeky little thing, aren’t I?  Though ironically enough, I look cold, and I can hear my mother’s voice in the background screaming, “Get out of the damned water!”)
*~* A Walk In The Park… *~*
Shape: My Personal Shape
Skin: Petal[Dark] Pout – Brat 1: Curio
Eyes: JABU Eyes Light Blue: -DAMNED-
Hair: Clumsy (Color HUD 02): Magika  *~*mesh*~*
Makeup: KMTD Lipstick 11 + EyesMakeup: -DAMNED-
Dress: Mersh Dress Neon Flower Blue FFL: OrsiniRed *~*mesh*~* (Fashion For Life)
Jeans: Tyra Lowrise Jeans Starlet Wash Dark Blue: Luck Inc.
Shoes: Chloe Sandals Shiny B&W (in white): Gaeline Creations  *~*mesh*~*
Feet: Flat Bare Feet: Gaeline Creations  *~*mesh*~*
Nails: #PS004 Stardust Platinum: Candy Nail
Bracelet: medaille bracelet (silver): Gabriel
Nose Piercing: Nose Diamond: envi
Ring: Legends Family Name Women’s Wedding Ring: JCNY
Collar: My Heart Is Caged – Eternity – Vintage Silver: [Tethered] BDSM
Remember: You’re a Goddess!
~ Tivi ~

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