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(This page is a work in progress… so keep checking back!)
Last Update: 05/13/14

..:: Event Coordination ::..

  • Experience Summary
    • Organizing events on this avatar, officially, for over 2 years
    • Specializes in Dance Competitions, Charity Events, & Fashion Events
    • Significant experience in dance competitions, but a lot of the basic principles in my management style are the same throughout all types of events.  (Feel free to ask for more info!  We can chat!)
  • Experience Description
    • I started mostly with coordinating dance competitions, which required gaining dancer interest and managing their applications and music choices (to later forward MP3s to a DJ), gaining prize sponsorship either in gift cards or lindens from various designers.  Also, because I do not own my own sim, I was responsible for gaining a location sponsorship each time I hosted a competition, whether I was organizing a competition for a specific city, or was organizing a competition myself and just happening to host it in a particular city.
    • That said, because I couldn’t exactly do anything inside the box, my dance competitions were not ‘normal’ dance competitions… I coined the term “Fusion” dance competitions in SL.  My Fusion competitions brought together Gorean and non-Gorean dances.  This allowed Gorean dancers to tackle a dance outside their norm… and it also allowed non-Gorean dancers the ability to compete, because there are not a lot of dance competitions outside of Gorean ones.  My first competition held 90+ avatars in attendance for the entirety of the 3 hour event with 9 dancers dancing and 3 judges adjudicating.
    • In an effort to combine dance with one of my other passions in SL — charity — shortly after the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, I organized a last-minute dance exhibition that raised lindens to donate to the general fund that had been organized for funeral costs for the children who lost their lives.  We raised L$10,000, which is roughly $40 USD.  It may not be much in the grand scheme of things, but it was $40 more than before.
  • Events Organized
    • Submissive/Slave Heart Dance Competition @ Fallen Angels: March 2012
    • Turmus En’kara Dance Competition @ The City of Turmus (now closed): April 2012
    • “The Lily” Dance Competition @ Chateau du Lis (now closed): April 2012
    • “Solace & Sanctuary” Dance Competition @ Solace of Submission D/s Academy: June 2012
    • “Viktel & Victory” Dance Competition @ Story of O (Austin): August 2012
    • “In Memory of a Babygirl” Prop Dance Competition (in memorial of Kimmie Claridge) @ Dance Gardens of Gor: October 2012
    • “What’d You Say?” Wordless Dance Competition @ Dance Gardens of Gor: December 2012
    • 2nd Annual Wordless Dance Competition @ Solace of Submission D/s Academy: December 2013
    • Veteran’s Day/Remembrance Day Ceremonies @ Solace of Submission D/s Academy: November 2012 & November 2013
    • “Celebrating the Lifestyle” Fair @ Solace of Submission D/s Academy (served as a planning committee member): March 2014
    • .Penumbra. Spring/Summer ’14 Fashion Week (organized all initial planning and laid all groundwork for designer, blogger, and model coordination before stepping down as Event Coordinator): April/May 2014
    • “The Nation” Fashion/Dance Fundraiser for Relay for Life: Coming soon!
  • Price Quotes
    * Please keep in mind, these are estimates and are able to be negotiated, depending on your individual needs and what I foresee doing for your event.  We will speak extensively on the subject before a final price is agreed upon.
  • Dance Competitions: Not available
    • If I am going to organize a dance competition, it will be a Fusion competition, which I’ve founded.  If you have a sim and are interested in hosting a Fusion dance competition, we can speak in more detail about that.  There is no charge for being a host sim.  🙂
  • Large-Scale Fashion Events: L$15,000
    • This is ALL-INCLUSIVE organization, complete with designer acquisition, model acquisition, blogger acquisition, providing a scriptwriter and a DJ to cover the fashion show, as well as working out vendor booths for the designers for the duration of the event.  All I ask that you bring to me is a space to hold the event, a concept you wish me to execute (a theme, a cause, something to work with), and the dates you would like it held.  Everything else, we can discuss and I can take care of.
  • Single Fashion Shows for Smaller/Newer Fashion Houses.Brands: L$5,000
    • This is one of my biggest passions in stepping out into the event coordination and marketing world on my own.  I’ve always had a heart for smaller brands that maybe can’t afford to pay larger agencies the L$15,000-L$20,000 it might take for them to want to organize a fashion show, but still would like to be marketed on the runway.  Just as I ask for larger fashion events, all I ask from you as the designer is a location (preferably your store sim?), a theme or concept if you have one, and the date you’d like to hold the show.  Otherwise, we can discuss your styling preferences, your design aesthetic, and I can get to work on creating a runway show just for you.
  • Runway Shows for Pre-Established Events: L$5,000
    • This was another idea that exploded out of my head when I was looking at striking it out on my own… but I’m still not terribly certain how marketable it is yet, so I’d REALLY like to try one or two to get it going and see how it goes over.  Some events… my first idea was gacha events… have marketing out the ying-yang but don’t get the chance to display some of the clothing/accessory creations on the runway.  Also, for furniture designers, sometimes there isn’t always space for their creations to be rezzed, so shoppers rely on the key for the gacha, which usually provides very small pictures of all items involved.  I’d love to bring gacha items to life in runway shows for the larger gacha events… incorporating furniture designers into the runway builds, and allowing models to wear the creations and show how well they actually work when pieced together.  Again, as with the other events, all I ask for is a location (preferably your event’s location?), and a date you’d like the show.  Everything else, we can discuss and I can take care of.
    • The one thing I’d like to stress here, because it’s come up in conversation already, is that one thing I’m adamant about for runway shows is that I will cast professional models to walk in the show.  I understand you might be tempted to use bloggers from your event to potentially cut the price down, but I am really not comfortable putting avatars on a runway who are not trained.  I very much apologize if this deters you from working with me, but it is one thing I’m very firm about is the quality of models I put on a runway.  I’m super picky.  It’s kinda a weakness of mine.
  • Charity Events: case by case basis
    • Have a charity event you want to organize and you’re not sure what to do or where to start?  Let’s chat!  I’d love to give advice or even take the event under my wing myself.  Depending on the type of event, the length of time to prepare it, the length of the event, etc etc, fees will vary on an event by event basis, but I’m sure we can work out a magic number that keeps everyone happy while still raising funds for the charity you are passionate about.
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