My Faves

Last Updated: 04/04/14

I’m still figuring out the state of everything… after finally sorta coming all the way back to blogging (if that makes ANY sense)… but here are people that I know have kept me around… as well as people that I blog regularly, even with not being an official blogger.  Please see the “‘Official’ Blogger For…” page for locations, logos, and other important information about each of the places I “officially” blog for.

..:: Official Blogger For ::..

— Soedara (by Marbella Pronovost)
— Lybra! (by Lybra Rage)

..:: Blogged Often Because I Like Them ::..

— DAMNED Bodyshop
— EMO-tions (by Mirja Mills)
— Glam Affair (by aida Ewing) — my current skin
— Gos Boutique (by Gospel Voom)
— IKON Eyes (by Ikon Innovia)  — my current eyes
— Katink Poses (by AnneMarit Jarvinen)
— LeeZu (by LeeZu Baxter)
— Madrid Solo Cosmetics (by Madrid Solo)
— Mandala (by kikunosuke Eel)
— Maxi Gossamer Jewelry (by Maxi Gossamer)
— Morphine Poses (by Hadaluna Daines)
— PosESioN Poses (by Dahriel Resident)
— RedMint (by Moni Schulze)
— TRUTH Hair (by Truth Hawks)
— Wasabi Pills Hair (by MissAllSunday Lemon)

The only real ‘review policy’ I have is that if I wouldn’t wear it out regularly to SOME sort of occasion… formal event, casual event, fashion show, club event, shopping, etc… if I would NEVER wear it, I won’t blog it.  I can’t endorse something and encourage others to wear it if I wouldn’t wear it myself.  I apologize if this upsets anyone… but I have to be true to my sense of style and my definition of quality within Second Life.

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